Request Class

The request instance provided in self.request contains the following properties.

# cookies: A dictionary of client cookies 
# in the format of { cookie name: cookie value }
cookies = {}

# headers: A dictionary of title-case headers
# in the format of { Header-Name: value }
# Example: headers['Content-Length']
headers = {}

# get_header: A method to return a header in self.headers
# or default if it is not set. 
get_header(self, name, default=None)

# method: The request method, upper case.
method = None

# ip: The IP address of the client. If a X-Forwarded-For IP exists,
# it will use that instead (for proxies)
ip = None

# body: The raw request body as read from wsgi.input
# This relies on a content-length header being present.
body = None

# data: A dictionary built from JSON in the request body.
# If the body does not contain valid json when this property
# is accessed it will raise an HTTP_400 error.
data = {}

# args: A dictionary built from the query string parameters.
args = {}

# json_args: A dictionary built from "json=" in the query string.
# If the query string does not contain "json=" then this will be {}.
# If the query string contains "json=" but it is invalid JSON, then 
# this will raise an HTTP_400 error.
json_args = {}

# environ: The WSGI environ dictionary
environ = wsgi.environ