Response Class

The Response class contains data to be sent back to the client.

# cookies: A dictionary of cookies to be sent to the client.
cookies = {}

# set_header: A method that sets headers
# to be sent back to the client
set_header(self, key, value)

# set_cookie: A method that sets cookies
# to be sent back to the client with
# Set-Cookie
set_cookie(self, key, value, expires='', path='/', domain='')

# delete_cookie: A method that tells the client to 
# overwrite a cookie with a "bad" value.
delete_cookie(self, key)

# status_code: The integer HTTP code to return to the client
status_code = 200

# status: A read only property that returns a string
# of the current self.status_code
status = "200 OK"