What it be?

Pycnic is a small, fast, easy to use web framework for building JSON APIs.

What it do?

Pycnic handles routing, JSON requests and responses, cookie magic, and provides jsonified error handling.

Get it

GitHub: github.com/nullism/pycnic

PyPI: pypy.python.org/pypi/pycnic

Or with pip: pip install pycnic

Quick sample

# from hello.py
from pycnic.core import WSGI, Handler

class Hello(Handler):

    def get(self, name="World"):
        return {
            "message": "Hello, {name}!".format(name=name)

class app(WSGI):
    routes = [
        ("/", Hello()),
        ("/([\w]+)", Hello())

To run the example, just point some WSGI server at it, like Gunicorn.

gunicorn hello:app